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The Pool at Wynn Macau

Photos and commentary from Wynn Macau's chocolate lagoon

The Pool at Wynn Macau - Cabana

Cabana Chairs

The pool at Wynn Las Vegas is more of a comfort feature than a daytime party place. While there are covered cabana areas, there are no private cabanas for rent with bottle service, flat screen tv's, keno runners, iPod docks and the other insanity they've got in Vegas. I don't even think they have cocktail service on the pool deck at all. The closest to a cuddly cabana couch thingy are these wicker pillow party beds, suitable for two, but probably not much more. The hotel would probably be better served by moving these out off of the main pool deck and under the canopys at the far end of the pool.

The Pool at Wynn Macau - Pool Deck

Deck Chairs

Cloth covered deck chairs may be a pain to keep clean over time, but they are functionally and aesthetically better than draping three towels over a Rubbermaid special and still burning your backside on the random uncovered area. The side tables are a great touch too - they're compact and the white paint keeps them from appearing as clutter.

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Nice write up! I feel like I was there!Quick question - are you sure the restaurant is called Ka Da and that it's not a Macau outpost of Okada, the Japanese restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas? I ask because Okada at WLV uses the same 'Circle-O' logo.

Remind me next time to run everything Wynn related through you before I make further bumbling mistakes. Okada. Duh.

cool writeup. wasn't convinced that the pool needed a writeup at first but this one was worth it. i'm also glad you commented at the end what i kept thinking the whole time reading: "where is everyone?" i'm not a huge pool guy either but sometimes it's kinda nice chill-axin with a beverage poolside. especially so with one as unique as the wynn macau's looks

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