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The Pool at Wynn Macau

Photos and commentary from Wynn Macau's chocolate lagoon

Wynn Macau Pool Photos -  Review

The Pool at Wynn Macau is one of the first of its kind in Macau. Other hotels have indoor pools, roof top pools (Galaxy World), outdoor mini-pools, or a mix-n-match combination (Crown Macau), but few, other than the Grand Hyatt in Taipa or Mandarin Oriental can match the elegance of Wynn Macau's expansive outdoor oasis, at least by Macau resort standards.

Wynn Macau's pool is centrally located between the hotel tower, future Diamond Suites expansion and the hotel lobby. It is surrounded on two sides by Wynn Macau's casino. Wynn Macau's casino expansion (wing were Red 8 is located) opened a few days after I left Macau and features windows - oh my - that look out into the pool deck. The pool is closed to non-hotel guests, and is accessed via a room key activated door by the hotel lobby, the outdoor dining section of Cafe Esplanada and via a door that is attached to the Okada restaurant.

The Pool at Wynn Macau - Foliage

The pool at Wynn Macau is ringed by a walkway covered by dense leafy foliage. The vegetation is very rough-hewn compared to most finely manicured resorts, giving the effect that the pool was dropped into a tropical jungle that had been there for eons. Just for my own amusement, I let out a pretty loud monkey call just to see if any wayward bonobos were in the vicinity. No dice.

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Nice write up! I feel like I was there!Quick question - are you sure the restaurant is called Ka Da and that it's not a Macau outpost of Okada, the Japanese restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas? I ask because Okada at WLV uses the same 'Circle-O' logo.

Remind me next time to run everything Wynn related through you before I make further bumbling mistakes. Okada. Duh.

cool writeup. wasn't convinced that the pool needed a writeup at first but this one was worth it. i'm also glad you commented at the end what i kept thinking the whole time reading: "where is everyone?" i'm not a huge pool guy either but sometimes it's kinda nice chill-axin with a beverage poolside. especially so with one as unique as the wynn macau's looks

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