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Wynnteriors. Wandering the wonderful world of Wynn Macau

Would You Walk 5,000 Miles for Two Camels?

Wynn Macau Hotel Interiors - Resort Tower Hallway Carpet

Wynn Macau Resort Tower Hallway Carpeting

The hallway carpeting in the hotel tower hallways is virtually identical to the carpeting found in the Tower Suites hallways. Deep dark chocolate brown with creme filling, kinda like a Ding-Dong.

Wynn Macau Hotel Interiors -  Lobby Carpeting

Wynn Macau Lobby Carpeting

Wynn Macau's public areas features a slightly different take on Wynn Las Vegas' iconic carpeting. The ornate and detailed original designs have been pruned and enlarged, lending an aura of elegant childlike innocence to Wynn Macau's smaller scale. This simplification of the design into a more cartoony layout is quite calming, I truly can't imagine Wynn Las Vegas' subtly busy pile inside of Wynn Macau and vice-versa. It will be interesting to see whether or not the casino at Encore in Las Vegas (Wynn Las Vegas' expansion, which is modeled after Wynn Macau's casino) uses the Las Vegas or Macau designs.

Coming Soon...

A photo feature of Wynn Macau's pool, and an extremely detailed review and video walkthrough of room 737. Stay tuned.

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Great stuff! I'm insane for details so I love photos of the floor, walls, etc... This is really the first/best photo essay I've seen out of this place. Bravo.

I've got to agree with Hunter. Excellent work!

Amazing review. Photos are excellent, and apparently now we must be not only literate but literary to compete! Good god, way to raise the bar! ;-O

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