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Wynnteriors. Wandering the wonderful world of Wynn Macau

Would You Walk 5,000 Miles for Two Camels?

Wynn Macau Hotel Interiors -  Mosaics

Wynn Macau's Mosaic and Tile Work

One of the more striking features of Wynn Las Vegas is the detailed tile mosaics inlaid into high traffic floors. It's no surprise that these replications of the floral patterns commonly found in the resorts carpeting and on some ceiling areas quickly loosened from all of the foot traffic, requiring a great deal of repair and maintenance. Wynn Macau all features tile mosaics, mostly as borders to carpeted areas (top left) and a large circular piece in the corridor that connects the Wynn Club VIP entrance to the casino (bottom left).

The elevator vestibule entrance to Il Teatro (right) features a mosaic framed mirror as well as some crows foot tile work on the far wall. Sorry the photo looks like crap.

Wynn Macau Hotel Interiors -  Retail Shops - Dior, Armani, Fendi, Louis Vuitton

Wynn Macau Shopping Promenade

Wynn Macau's shopping promenade features a number of high end designer shops including Louis Vuitton (right), Dior (top left and center), Fendi (bottom left) and Armani. The Louis Vuitton shop features the same cockeyed double layered checkerboard glass freak out that those on psychotropic drugs best stay away from. The Dior shop is of similar design to the Wynn Las Vegas outlet as well.

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Great stuff! I'm insane for details so I love photos of the floor, walls, etc... This is really the first/best photo essay I've seen out of this place. Bravo.

I've got to agree with Hunter. Excellent work!

Amazing review. Photos are excellent, and apparently now we must be not only literate but literary to compete! Good god, way to raise the bar! ;-O

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