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Wynnteriors. Wandering the wonderful world of Wynn Macau

Would You Walk 5,000 Miles for Two Camels?

Wynn Macau Hotel Interiors - Main Lobby / Red Chandelier

The Lobby at Wynn Macau

One is immediately taken by the large (and presumably lucky) red chandelier hanging over the unmistakable soft pile carpeting in Wynn Macau's lobby. In comparison to the Chilhuly glass sculptures that adorn the ceiling of Bellagio, it's no marvel. But it is an example of 'the right thing' in 'the right spot.'

Immediately to the right of where this photo was taken is the elevator entrance to the second floor restaurant Il Teatro. Il Teatro is a Southern Italian restaurant perched atop the porte cochere, overlooking the Performance Lake water show. To the left side is the reception desk and left luggage.

At the end of the lobby the main hallway extends both directions - to the right is the casino, Wynn Signature Shop, VIP Hosts, and Wynn Club lounge and VIP reception desk. To the left is Cafe Esplanada, Wynn Macau's version of Terrace Pointe Cafe, the resort tower elevators, escalators to the convention center, and a smallish shopping promenade similar to the one found near the reception desk at Wynn Las Vegas. At the end of the shopping promenade is where the future expansion will be linked up (the Diamond Suites, more shopping and restaurants). I was aware that Wynn Macau was small in comparison to Wynn Las Vegas, but I didn't expect it to be THIS small. Whereas it took a few hours to explore all the nooks and crannies of Galaxy StarWorld, you'll have a good chunk of Wynn Macau covered in about a half hour - which is about how long you'll spend checking out all the stuff in the 38th floor lobby of Crown Macau alone.

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Great stuff! I'm insane for details so I love photos of the floor, walls, etc... This is really the first/best photo essay I've seen out of this place. Bravo.

I've got to agree with Hunter. Excellent work!

Amazing review. Photos are excellent, and apparently now we must be not only literate but literary to compete! Good god, way to raise the bar! ;-O

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