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Wynnteriors. Wandering the wonderful world of Wynn Macau

Would You Walk 5,000 Miles for Two Camels?

Wynn Macau Hotel Interior Design

Strangers from every corner of the Earth are tied together by shared, yet individually experienced, moments of historical significance. These common threads of collective identity evolve and change depending on age, location, interests, language, background. One of the most popular examples of this unnamed phenomena is the old standby 'where were you, when you found out Kennedy was shot.' Depending on your age or cultural background, John Lennon or Kurt Cobain may hit closer to your psyche. For those tuned into the casino lifestyle, the question very well may be: 'where were you the first time you went inside Wynn Las Vegas?' - where in the psychological sense, not geographical. For whatever reason, everybody remembers the first time they visited Wynn Las Vegas - gazing at the floral inlaid carpets, mosaic tile work, decorative beveled moulding, tufted satin walls, the sounds, the smells and the delirium inducing vibrations of excitement. Dr. David Schwartz, Director of Gaming Studies at UNLV, dedicated the final chapter of his essential tome on the history of gambling, Roll The Bones, to it.

So here I am, half-way around the world shlepping my bags through the tunnel that burrows beneath Avenida de Amizade from Hotel Lisboa to Wynn Macau. Would Wynn Macau hold as many polished pieces of delightful decor as it's Las Vegas counterpart? As I towed by bags through the porte cochere towards the front entrance, my olfactory receptors were bathed in the unmistakable floral smell that instantaneously brought back memories of May 2005, my first visit to Wynn Las Vegas. As it did then, and for every visit to Wynn Las Vegas, every short hair above the belt line stood up and took notice like whiskers on a hungry dog.

Finally... Wynn Macau.

Wynn Macau Hotel Interiors -  Lobby Entry

Welcome to Wynn Macau

Upon entering Wynn Macau, all worries and concerns melt away. My 'freaked out tourist in a foreign country stutter step' was instantly replaced by the very same confident swagger that motored my hips during my first weekender at Wynn Las Vegas in August 2005. After two days entombed in the funky environs of Hotel Lisboa, I felt that this steel, glass, wood, fabric, plaster and paint construction on the other side of the planet was fresh, familiar and as close to home as I would be for the 10 days I was on this journey. All this, and I had yet to even step inside the damn place.

Before entering into the revolving door - which featured decorative planters on either end of the doors, rotating around at quite a clip - I stopped by and said a customary hello to the Wynn lion. I'm not really sure what this guys name is, but I've always privately referred to him as Stevzi, in tribute to two of my favorite characters - Wynn and Zissou. I've always wondered if Stevzi is Wynn's way of thumbing their nose at the corporate monolith - and Macau peninsula neighbor, MGM - who poached Mirage Resorts from Wynn in March 2000. Stevzi may be smaller, but he's much more approachable, and dare I say it... cute!

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Great stuff! I'm insane for details so I love photos of the floor, walls, etc... This is really the first/best photo essay I've seen out of this place. Bravo.

I've got to agree with Hunter. Excellent work!

Amazing review. Photos are excellent, and apparently now we must be not only literate but literary to compete! Good god, way to raise the bar! ;-O

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