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Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

Complete Review of The Landmark of Macau, Including Photos and Video Walkthrough

Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau Review - Bathroom

The Bathroom

The bathroom at Hotel Lisboa is a finely detailed affair that makes excellent usage of the smaller footprint of this hotel's dimensions. Notice the scale in the corner and the finely detailed mosaic work on the floor. I wish I had gotten a better photo of the tiling, it is quite visible in the video walkthrough on the last page of the review.

To the far wall above the scale is towel rack, a mounted Kleenex box (with cracked mirror shelf above it), generous hotel amenities including two tooth brush/dental kits, hair brush, comb, shower cap, sanitary bags, moisturizing creme, shaving kits, Q-tips and cotton balls.

To the right of the amenities is the toilet which had no special features or distinguishing characteristics other than it's lack of phone. The phone is mounted on the wall by the sink, far away from the commode.

I'll say it one more time... toilet phones are gross. Think about it... do you really want to put something up to your face that someone else has touched while doing their business? Does housekeeping disinfect toilet phones? Seriously... hotels need to seriously re-think the Shat Phone and come up with a better solution.

Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau Review - Sink Fixtures

The fixtures at Hotel Lisboa were quite interesting and crafted with fantastic attention to detail. The cracked mirror countertop looked fantastic, but it was actually quite bright and made it difficult to locate items on it, such as dropped contact lenses. In terms of feng shui, having cracked mirrors in one's room seems quite odd. Maybe 'broken mirrors causing seven years of bad luck' is a western-only superstition.

The sink itself was made of subtly rippled glass, rendering your toothpaste anti-gravitational as it slid down the drain. Below the sink is a shelf that was being used for towel storage and below that to the right is a small hidden trash can. Not pictured is a wall-mounted vanity mirror for eyebrow plucking and pimple picking.

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