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Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

Complete Review of The Landmark of Macau, Including Photos and Video Walkthrough

Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau Review - Writing Desk

Writing Desk

Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau Review - Desk Lamp I spent quite a bit of time at the desk during the two days I stayed at Hotel Lisboa. The plugs for phone, broadband and power were accessible, the mirror on the wall reflected the Lisboa's fantastic light show from the window, and the booze-less mini bar was right at hand. The mini-bar contained various sodas, juices, water, and two beers - no hard stuff. All drinks in the mini-bar were complimentary, as long as you left the empty bottles and cans in the room. Any cans unaccounted for were considered "take out" and were added to your bill.

The desk drawer contained a folder filled with stationary, postcards, a pen and the fantastic retractable ethernet cable device. Broadband internet access (wired) was free of charge, and the data pipe was pretty stout even though it did drop the connection quite often. The desk also featured a large-sized ceramic ashtray, embossed with the Hotel Lisboa logo. I never thought I'd see one of these jobbies ever again. I pondered acquiring it, but the logo was pretty much worn off. The MacBook does not come with the room.

Check out the Lisboa tower shaped promo rotisserie thing all done up in wood. Nice touch. The lampshade is cockeyed.

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