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Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

Complete Review of The Landmark of Macau, Including Photos and Video Walkthrough

Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau - Room 1745

Hotel Lisboa Macau Review - ElevatorA manager-type pulled me aside and said my room was ready and due to the inconvenience, they would be upgrading me to a higher level suite that included free mini-bar and free pay-per-view movies. I should spew on other guests more often. She gave the keys to the bellhop who escorted me to the elevator.

The bellhop and I both began chuckling about the 'incident' as soon as we were out of earshot of the reception area. The bellhop told me that he's never seen anything like that before, and I wholeheartedly agreed with him. He carted my bags into the elevator, pressed 17, doors opened and we headed down the hall to room 1745, the fourth room on the right. He piled all my stuff on the luggage stand, turned on all the lights and showed me where the ethernet cable thingy was when I inquired thusly. I gave him a HK$100 tip and he bowed, seemingly grateful and split. I'm still figuring out how the tipping thing works here, HK$100 seems to be a real winner so far - about US$12.

Lisboa Hotel & Casino Macau Review - Deluxe Room Photos

The Room at Hotel Lisboa

Hotel Lisboa Macau Review - Bar WareRoom 1745 at Hotel Lisboa is located inside the 20 story tower that was added 1991. Ideally, I would've loved to have stayed in one of the original rooms in the circular tower to enjoy the vintage Asia's Las Vegas effect, but I didn't think about that until after the fact. I'm just glad to be in the room, and what an interesting one it is.

The room is somewhat larger than a standard sized room with a bathroom to the immediate left upon entry, closet/storage to the right and a small vestibule that opens out into the main room. The room is sparsely decorated, at least as far as framed artwork is concerned.

To the immediate right is a flat screen tv mounted on the wall, and a luggage rack nearby. Television offerings consisted of multiple global channels including U.S. based Fox News (running hyperbolic coverage of the OJ Simpson break-in at Palace Station). Free movies consisted of Chinese, Japanese and U.S. films plus six channels of free porn - Chinese (strange), Japanese (kinky) and U.S. style (stupid). To the immediate right of the luggage rack is a tea service / barware set up. Tea and coffee are complimentary and many flavors are offered. The ice bucket was filled when I arrived and refreshed by housekeeping when they came in to perform turn-down service at precisely 6:30pm, both days. In the far right corner is a tablet desk, wall mounted digital clock and a large mirror over the desk.

To the far left corner are two sitting chairs and a small coffee table containing some magazines. Adjacent to the wall next to the chairs is the king sized bed with two side tables containing light control units and a telephone with a note pad.

All of the woodwork in the room - the furniture, tv mount, closet doors, headboard and the blue chairs has extremely intricate inlaid wood designs of various plants, bugs, butterflies, and birds. It is all beautifully done and in excellent condition... no vacuum cleaner dents and dings. I have a hunch that these rooms were upgraded quite recently.

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