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The Fountain Parlor Suite at Wynn Palace

An Extra Layer of Luxury

The guest restroom. Quatrefoil mounts carry the sconces. Flowers painted in high-sheen gold adorn many of the walls throughout the suite.

Wynn Palace Parlor Suite Review 2017 Guest Bathroom 1

Wynn Palace Parlor Suite Review 2017 Guest Bathroom 2

A few more steps in. On the left, avian and floral themes continue in the art separating entry from living spaces.

Wynn Palace Parlor Suite Review 2017 Art 1

On the right, a corridor leading into the bedroom and massage room (more on both later).

Wynn Palace Parlor Suite Review 2017 Bedroom Corridor

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Comments & Discussion

That entryway, my god

Bravo: Great review, Mike. Thanks for sharing your experience of this stunning suite.

Did you find the curtains rather disappointing? That seemed to be most out of place element IMO. That bathroom is simply stunning...

Wow, just wow.

Gorgeous pool table.

No bidet? God Mike, stunning. Thanks for the review!

I can't decide which is better, Mike's photos or his prose. What magnificent images and word pictures. Love it.

Thank you all for the kind words!

@mctrees The rooms at Palace, particularly anything in beige, just doesn't photograph as well. While I tried to capture the juxtaposition of textures as best as I could, nothing beats living within the design (obviously). The curtains are certainly the case. While in residence, there was little if anything I'd change about the room. Having said that, checking out of Palace and into the darker, more masculine tones of a one-bedroom suite at Wynn Macau my last two nights was a welcome change.

What detroit1051 said!!!

Wonderful review and pics. So so appreciative!
BTW is your avatar Jim Murren?

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