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Wynn Palace : Fountain View King Suite - The MacauTripping Review 2017

Wynn Does Cotai And Does It Wow

Wynn Palace Cotai King Lake View Suite Review 2017 Elevator Layout

The hotel tower is a variation on the tri-wing hotel construction, but here with two tri-wing spokes with one wing connecting them both. I like to call this the dual chicken foot. To better understand this, I've created a little diagram of the hotel layout and how the elevator landings, fit with the elevator lounge and the rotunda which connects the wings to each other.

Wynn Palace Cotai King Lake View Suite Review 2017 Elevator Lobby Couch

Immediately upon exiting the elevator landing, you are greeted by a large "lift lobby", a with luxurious oval shaped couch. This is a great place to congregate, stop for last minute adjustments or just to take a load off and gather your thoughts. The elevator landings picture above are located just through those doors on the far left. The window, in this case, peers northward towards Macau University and the Macau International Airport.

Wynn Palace Cotai King Lake View Suite Review 2017 Elevator Lobby Lounge

This is the entry of the lift lobby as seen from the rotunda. We're going forwards but looking backwards.

Wynn Palace Cotai King Lake View Suite Review 2017 Hallway Rotunda

We're at the mouth of the main hallway, looking north at the lift lobby, with entrances to the two hotel spokes on either side. It is difficult to tell in this photo the scale of everything... the rotunda and all hotel corridors have high ceilings and wide hallways, giving the entire affair a feeling of grand luxuriousness. You will not be boxed in by housekeeping carts or forgotten room service trays. In Macau, you seldom see any room service trays in the hallways as they usually return to the room to retrieve carts within hours after food is delivered. The housekeeping carts at Wynn Palace are tall, draped in fabric and are motorized.

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Comments & Discussion

God I need to visit Macau... Thanks for the Hotel Porn Chuck!

Oh my goodness - I'm going to have to re-read this again just to pick out the little details - Love the cloud light in the bathroom!

Omg, I don't know which is better, Chuck's photos or the unbelievable detail of Wynn Palace. And, I love sconces.

Thank you, Chuck. Amazing review. Can't wait to go back (hopefully next year).

Chuck, this was great. Thanks so much!

I recently stayed in the "spa" version of this room. The main difference is that if you are standing at the door to the right is a walk in closet/dressing room. In the closet there is a hidden wall safe, like in Mike E's parlor suite. The entrance to the massage room is through this additional closet. I also got nicer (suede?) laundry bags, as pictured in Mike E's review, rather than the plastic ones Chuck got. Not sure why. I took three of them with me.

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