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Sands Macao Deluxe Suite - The MacauTripping Review 2016

A Bed In A Box of Baccarat

Sands Macao Deluxe Suite Review 2016

When it opened in May 2004, the Sands Macao was the first Western owned casino to open since the Macau S.A.R. and Chinese government broke the gambling monopoly. Derided by fellow Las Vegas and Macau casino operator Steve Wynn as a "box of baccarat" for its no-nonsense design and initial lack of a hotel, Sands Macao quickly became one of Macau's highest performing properties. In 2007, shortly after my first visit to Macau, Sands opened a 23-floor Paul Steelman designed hotel tower with stunning views Macau's outer harbor, wharf and ferry terminal.

After missing out on staying at the Sands Hotel by six weeks in 2007, I was determined to add it to my eight hotel itinerary. Through persistant cross referencing hotel rates via travel search engines ( and, China focused retailers and Sands Macao's website, I lucked out on a massive price drop that sent Sands normal rack rates of HK$1868/nt (US$240) to the unbelievably low HK$1068 (US$137.63/nt) inclusive of tax and fees. Yowza.

Sands Macao Deluxe Suite Review 2016 Arrival

I arrived at Sands Macao's porte cochère via taxi, crawled out of the back seat and wheeled my stuff inside. What followed was a half-hour of confusion, wherein I wandered around the property looking for the hotel lobby. Instead of repeating the story... go read Chapter 12 - Something Happened On The Day.

Sands Macao Deluxe Suite Review 2016 Lobby

After finally finding the hotel lobby, check in was relatively effortless. After handing over my passport and credit card, the front desk agent handed me the keys, mentioning that my room had been upgraded to a harbor view at no additional cost. Nice.

I grabbed my stuff and headed towards the elevator bank about 20 yards away. One of the great things about Sands Macao is that getting from one side of the property to the other doesn't require a golf cart, base camps or oxygen tanks. Access to casino gaming, restaurants, bars and the rest of dazzling Macau isn't that far from the hotel elevators.

Sands Macao Deluxe Suite Review 2016 Hallway

The hotel corridors - drab beige wall paper broken up periodically by stained wood arches and a contemporary carpet design - were quite dark and drab. I've purposefully amped up the exposure of this photo to show the details.

Sands Macao Deluxe Suite Review 2016 Room 1728

I head down the hallway and stop at room 1728.

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Enough business... are you ready for Sands Macao #1728?

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