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Encore Grand Salon Suite at Wynn Macau - The MacauTripping Review 2016

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Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016

Wynn Macau's Encore tower is a luxury focused addition that opened in 2009. The Encore hotel tower departed from the swooping mahogany glass curve that has become synonymous with the Wynn hotel brand in favor of a stripless curve, featuring glittery diamond light display on the city-side central elevator core and unadorned glass curtain wall on the lake-side. The entire tower features a thick white frame border along the top and sides of the hotel tower.

Encore's hotel tower features suites on the lake side of hotel corridor. The city side of the corridor features waist to ceiling views of Galaxy Starworld and frightening views into the overstuffed apartments that make up the top 2/3 of L'Arc hotel. This is a very thoughtful design... no high roller worth their salt will accept a hotel room that peers into a sea of funky apartments with laundry drying on the window sill.

Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016 Lobby Porte Cochere

The Encore tower at Wynn features its own porte cochère, lobby and an intimate promenade of a casino. The hotel is surrounded by a number of restaurants including dedicated cafe, casual and fine dining restaurants. The main casino at Wynn Macau is steps away.

When it became apparent that Wynn Palace Cotai opening was going to be delayed until after this Macau megatrip would take place, I decided to book the most spacious and luxurious offering at Wynn Macau's Encore tower as a consolation prize. While there are larger and more luxe offerings at Wynn & Encore Macau most of these are reserved for VIP players, not for booking by the general public.

The Encore Grand Salon Suite is rarely available for direct booking on weekends, and only occasionally pops up in Wynn's reservation engine during mid-week stays. Additionally, Wynn Macau doesn't ride the volume knob of hotel rates like other hoteliers do. Rates for Wynn Macau hotels - other than occasional Wynn Insider promotions - are generally firm across the board.

Rates for the Encore Grand Salon Suite hovered around $4,488HKD/$577USD per night (pre tax). After a few weeks of obsessive tracking and comparison shopping, I saw a major price drop on, booking one night in an Encore Grand Salon Suite for US$505.81, including taxes and fees, grabbing my consolation prize and saving $100 in the process.


I arrived at Encore's porte cochère via taxi. Upon pouring my sweat drenched body out of the back seat, a valet and bellman greeted me and whisked me and my bags inside the lobby.

Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016 Lobby

The lobby at Encore Macau is painted a bright orange color - a mix of tangerine and mango that employees call "tango" - and features decorative credenzas on either side, a floral display in the center and a registration desk at the far end of the oval. The entrance is intimate, yet still evokes a feeling of grandeur upon arrival.

Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016 Lobby Front Desk

I walked up to the front desk and handed my passport and credit card over to the agent. As the agent clacks away on their computer, I am fully captivated by the jellyfish-filled aquarium behind the front desk. I feel like it is 1989 and I'm waiting to check in at the Mirage all over again, but this time in an amorphously oozing psychedelic Chinese dream. I've never seen anything like this... even in an actual aquarium. At night, they cover the the aquarium with a drape, so be sure to show up early if you want to see it.

Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016 Lobby Table

After a series of confusing exchanges with the front desk agent wherein he asked me to email my registration information to the front desk (??!?), I was handed the keys to my room and sent on my way. This was the only time during my eight hotel tour of Macau hotels where I experienced any significant language barrier.

Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016 Lobby Elevator Landing

Walked down the hall, made a left and pressed the elevator call button. The elevator arrives moments later.

Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016 Elevator Buttons

I hop in the elevator, scan the massive array of buttons and press 20. Honey, look, they have a Sky Casino!

Encore Macau Grand Salon Suite Review 2016 Elevator Villa Buttons

Oooh villas... paging Mike E.

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What a Christmas present!
Absolutely stunning. How can Wynn Palace surpass Encore Grand Salon Suite?

Awesome room, but not sure about the "L-shaped douch."

@socalduck that typo certainly makes sense. I type douche a helluva lot more than I type couch. thanks!

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