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Banyan Tree Macau Cotai Pool Suite - The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Ultimate In Spa Suite Luxury

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Livingroom Tv

Stepping back into the living room, we see an oversized daybed style couch, the famed pool against the window, a room divider with televisions on both sides, the bedroom on the far side and a small desk to the right.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Livingroom Sofa

The daybed sofa is more about splaying out and getting cozy and being a TV potato. A small welcome basket contains three red delicious apples.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Livingroom Couch Detail

The daybed is truly massive. The back and armrest bolster pillows are not attached to the daybed can be arranged anyway you could possibly want. The tray on the bed contains resort brochures, but it is implied that this tray is for placing beverages or whatever else you want at hand while lounging around.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Livingroom Couch Detail Alt

In the corner next to the day bed is a small table with box lamp and more resort brochures/magazines. A large terry cloth covered pool bed is located between the table and the windows. This is where you snooze after getting out of the Cotai pool.

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I set up a lot of redundancy.

Having stayed at the Banyan Tree three years ago, I was eager to see your impressions. You definitely got a great rate; I paid about twice that per night for a three-night stay. The fruit selection actually changes daily, along with the incense. The massive shower was my favorite of the various water features. As you discovered, it really is a truly unique and relaxing hotel room.

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