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Banyan Tree Macau Cotai Pool Suite - The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Ultimate In Spa Suite Luxury

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Elevator Landing

The moment the elevator doors open at the Banyan Tree, the feelings of relaxation begin. Soft atmospheric sounds echo through the elevator landing and hallways, sharing the air with the calming scent of essential oils. It is a stunning and abrupt transition. The atmospheric change had an instantaneous effect. Instead of hurriedly deciphering wayfinding plaques and trudging towards the room, I sorta feel like I'm already in the room. I stop, pause and absorb my surroundings with a large inhalation, releasing all of the bustle.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Elevator Landing Bed

Steps away from the elevators is a day bed adorned with pillows, hotel phone and a pedestal holding an urn burning aromatic oils adorned with orchid petals.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Elevator Landing Twig Art

Facing the day bed is a rock garden containing a one-of-a-kind sculpture made from small twigs bent and fashioned together and mounted in a square metal frame. Breathtaking.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Hallway

At the end of the vestibule, I turned right and headed down the dark hallway... followed by sooting music and the intoxicating scents of aromatic oils.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Room 2310

I arrive at room 2310, wave the key against the RFID reader and head inside.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Valet Luggage Stand

To the immediate right upon entry is a small valet hallway. My luggage was here when I arrived... no need to call the front desk or wait for a bell man to deliver it. Convenient!

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Entry

Once inside the room, straight ahead is a large living room and a small credenza with Greek key style footings on the wall to the right.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Incense Oils

On the table is the incense and essential oil station with a daily menu saying what scents were available that day. Since I was staying on a Sunday night, my flavors of the day would normally be Pine and Bergamot, but since I chose at check in, my flavors were lemongrass and amber. You might think that this is all just a bunch of frou frou nonsense, but being given materials to excite and recalibrate your sense of smell adds a layer of sensuality to this relaxing experience.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Welcome Email

About a half-hour after arriving in my room, I received an automated welcome email from Banyan Tree. A digital touch.

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25,628 unread? Dear god.

I set up a lot of redundancy.

Having stayed at the Banyan Tree three years ago, I was eager to see your impressions. You definitely got a great rate; I paid about twice that per night for a three-night stay. The fruit selection actually changes daily, along with the incense. The massive shower was my favorite of the various water features. As you discovered, it really is a truly unique and relaxing hotel room.

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