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Banyan Tree Macau Cotai Pool Suite - The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Ultimate In Spa Suite Luxury

Banyan Tree Macau Cotai Pool Suite Review

While booking the epic eight-hotel-tour of Macau this review was part of, I purposefully set aside an off peak day and set about to stalk hotel rates for a stay in one of Banyan Tree Macau's Cotai Pool Suites.

I've never stayed at a Banyan Tree hotel before and hadn't really considered it until 88 Days To Macau podcast co-hosts, JohnH hipped the Cotai Pool Suite to me during a marathon YouTube session powered by booze, an Apple TV and a video projector.

Banyan Tree's Southeast Asian spa retreat style was intriguing, but it was their Cotai Pool Suite's main feature - a 20' long x 4' wide x 2' deep private swimming pool - that delivered the knock out blow. I was determined to experience this one of a kind hotel room.

Unfortunately, the daily rack rate at Banyan Tree didn't exactly fit with my budgetary restrictions. Normal hotel rates for the Cotai Pool Suite run in the range of $575USD ($4500HKD) per night, about twice what my budget afforded me.

As fate would have it, or, more accurately, my obsessive habit of researching, refreshing and cross referencing hotel rates via search engines (Kayak & Trivago), online travel retailers (, and and the Banyan Tree official site, I managed to catch a massive drop break and booked a Cotai Pool Suite room for $280USD ($2000HKD), an easily justifiable overage in my trip budget.


Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Lobby Alt

I arrived at Banyan Tree Macau on foot... wheeling my luggage from the Galaxy Hotel elevator core, bisecting the casino floor, to the Banyan Tree lobby... a five minute walk.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Lobby Entry

I was greeted at the front desk by a receptionist who nodded with prayer hands. He then proceeded to check me into the hotel and arranged to have my bags delivered to my room.

As part of the check in process, guests are given two cards and asked to choose between an array of essential oils and incense that will be placed in the room.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Check In Essential Oil Choice Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Check In Incense Choice

As is the policy of all of the hotels within Galaxy Macau, I wouldn't gain access to my room until 3pm, leaving me with three hours to explore, and I walked to old town Taipa, took a shuttle to Studio City, walked through Sands Cotai Central, Four Seasons and The Venetian, then hopped a cab back to Banyan Tree. Upon arrival at Banyan Tree, I was greeted by a valet who helped extract me from the car and handed me a card with the cab number on it just in case I happened to leave anything in the back seat. Even though I didn't leave anything in the car, having the piece of mind that I could locate the cab at a later date was impressive.

Banyan Tree Macau Review 2016 Lobby Elevator Landing

When I walked back into the lobby, the room was filled with the reverberating sounds of a Singaporean hammered dulcimer being played by a young woman in a gorgeous dress.

I ambled to the front desk, grabbed the keys from the same agent who checked me in and headed towards the Banyan Tree's hotel elevators. I hopped in and pressed 23.

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Enough business... are you ready for the Banyan Tree Cotai Pool Suite?

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Having stayed at the Banyan Tree three years ago, I was eager to see your impressions. You definitely got a great rate; I paid about twice that per night for a three-night stay. The fruit selection actually changes daily, along with the incense. The massive shower was my favorite of the various water features. As you discovered, it really is a truly unique and relaxing hotel room.

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