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Galaxy Hotel : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Galaxy King at Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau Review Tv

The alternate view shows a small wall mounted TV center and desk on along the far wall. The floor to ceiling mirrors serve their purposes in making this tiny room seem a helluva lot larger than it is. I like the room on the other side better!

Galaxy Macau Review View

The view out the window is of the Galaxy Macau west tower, home to Banyan Tree (the left half) and Hotel Okura (the right half.) The Broadway is located just on the other side of this tower. The brown building to the right is the Marina Pousada Infante, one of the earliest Cotai casinos. The land on the other side of the inner harbor is China, proper. The giant butterfly garden below is a really nice touch.

Galaxy Macau Review Desk

The simple desk features a cushioned chair, circular table and a small circular stool. A trap door next to the table reveals all sorts of connectivity and power ports for all your stuff. Be sure to check out the video walkthrough at the end of this review for more details on this stuff.

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Wow, the layout of the room and some design elements are straight out of my Starworld room - looks like they took their original room design and moved the decor foreword ten years. So similar though, especially the bathroom.

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