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Galaxy Hotel : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Galaxy King at Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau Review Entry

Immediately upon entry, along the right side is a minibar area, luggage rack and a floor to ceiling closet, barely pictured.

Galaxy Macau Review Entry Bathroom

On the left is the bathroom. We'll get into the details of all of this stuff later.

Galaxy Macau Review Bedroom

Ten paces into the room and we're in the bedroom, one of the smaller standard hotel rooms on Cotai. The king bed features three decorative pillows, four sleeping pillows, a pillow top mattress, and soft linens and comforter.

The barrel shaped nightstand featured the basics... note pad, a bottle of water and some light switches.

Galaxy Macau Review Chair

On the other side of the bed is another barrel shaped night stand featuring phone, remote control cradle, and a bevy of plugs and light switches. Traditionally, the note pad and pen is placed near the phone, not here. A dark green chair and ottoman is located near the window.

The butterflies designs in the carpet continually made me think that I had left something on the floor, aggravating - albeit temporarily - my obsession with keeping all of my belongings hyper-organized during this trip. Did I leave a a t-shirt on the floor? Is that a piece of camera equipment? Am I forgetting something/anything?

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Wow, the layout of the room and some design elements are straight out of my Starworld room - looks like they took their original room design and moved the decor foreword ten years. So similar though, especially the bathroom.

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