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Galaxy Hotel : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Galaxy King at Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau Review Wayfinding

Twenty minutes later, keys in hand, I head towards the elevators and eventually my room. The elevator arrives and I hop on, followed by a Chinese playboy. He presses 22 and I press 30.

Galaxy Macau Review Elevator

Illuminated by the glow of his giant smartphone, I can't help but notice his outfit. He's wearing the matching shirt/shorts outfit that seems to be quite popular with the playboys. His is jet black with shiny gold dollar signs heat transferred all over it. The elevator arrives at 22 and the playboy gets off. I scrambled to grab my camera and luckily manage to catch this parting shot:

Galaxy Macau Review Cashmoneyguy

You're money baby.

Galaxy Macau Review Elevator Landing 30

The doors open at 30 and I get out. The elevator landing features zero decor other than some angled wood slats on the far wall and some joy-less carpeting.

Galaxy Macau Review Hallway

Extensive research has revealed to me that there are two distinct colors that most humans believe is "puke green" - hospital plasticware turquoise and the shade on the walls above. I fall in the latter group, surely tempered by my halcyon days growing up in the swinging 1970's.

In addition to the barf inspired hues of paint, the hallways feature some interesting quasi-topographic or Joy Division-ish angled woodwork filigree. I wander down the hallway and end up at room Galaxy Hotel at Galaxy Macau room #30091.

Galaxy Macau Review 30091

Before we head inside, I'd like to take a quick moment to mention that this hotel review contains approximately 45 high resolution photos of every corner of this room. In addition to the photos, there are detailed descriptions, analysis and jokes. You can jump from page to page using the navigation interface below.

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And now, room #30091 in the Galaxy Hotel at Galaxy Macau.

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Wow, the layout of the room and some design elements are straight out of my Starworld room - looks like they took their original room design and moved the decor foreword ten years. So similar though, especially the bathroom.

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