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Galaxy Hotel : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Galaxy King at Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau Review Fortune Diamond

I headed back into the lobby and marveled at the Fortune Diamond spectacle in the lobby where in a giant fountain turns into a digital roulette table and a diamond the size of an Astrovan levitates and spins as hotel guests scream and cheer. It's simultaneously ridiculous and absolutely incredible as a magic trick and ethno-sociology.

Just on the other side of the Fortune Diamond is a giant model of the Galaxy Macau project. I love hotel resort models!

Galaxy Macau Review Galaxy Model

Foreground: JW Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton tower. Background left: Banyan Tree, Hotel Okura tower. Background right: Galaxy Hotel tower.

After ogling this stuff, I took a stroll through through the casino down to the JW Marriott lobby and managed to sweet talk my way into photographing a room at The Ritz-Carlton, which I've written about previously.

Galaxy Macau Review Check In Key

At about 2pm, I headed back over to the Galaxy Hotel lobby where I found this sign and line. The hotel has re-appropriated the bell desk as a secondary check in desk. They've also set up another pair of desks in one of the hotel lobbies as well.

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Wow, the layout of the room and some design elements are straight out of my Starworld room - looks like they took their original room design and moved the decor foreword ten years. So similar though, especially the bathroom.

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