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Studio City Macau - The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Star Tower King

Studio City Macau Review Lobby Landing

I hit the call button. Step on the elevator and press 17.

Studio City Macau Review Elevator Buttons

From the buttons to engraved patterns to font choices to turquoise wall covering and the vintage sconce, this elevator is art-deco-rageous. Stunning in its detail and accuracy. I actually feel I've been transported to a brand new art-deco apartment building in 1936.

The doors open.

Studio City Macau Review Landing Elevators

The art deco style continues. Instead of being covered in 80 years of grime and wear, Studio City's interpretation is high-gloss and bordering on the futuristic.

Studio City Macau Review Elevator Landing

An alternate view of the hotel landing.

Studio City Macau Review Landing Wayfinding

Look at the shine on the inlaid wall designs. Housekeeping and maintenance throughout Studio City Macau's public areas is exceptional as is most of Macau's resorts. It appears that defacing property - permanently etching names or initials in elevators, on walls, and windows - isn't a "thing" in Macau. Or, perhaps, folks that do stuff like that don't stay here.

Studio City Macau Review Hallway

Studio City Macau's hotel tower is crescent shaped, therefore... curved hallways! It looks like they couldn't find any curved picture frames to hang art on the wall. That's a joke, son.

Studio City Macau Review 17021

A short walk down the hallway we end up at room #17021.

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And now, room #17021 in the Star Tower at Studio City Macau.

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Comments & Discussion

Definitely share the same thoughts on Studio City. The only thing that frustrated me between it and Crown was that they shared the same Antica Farmacista bath amenities. From what I've seen elsewhere, it looks like they're used in the Star Tower too. Antica makes great products, sure, but Melco could have added variety by using different scents at each property. Seemed ever-so-slightly PGP-ish to me.

John - I had a different take on the Antica Farmacista amenities. I felt that they were an upgrade for Studio City. Could be because I went to Crown first and Studio City next, whereas you did the opposite.

From this review, it seems like walk from the check-in desk to the elevator bank is a transportive one. From the elevator bank up to the hallway to the room, it looks like another planet from the ground floors. And holy shit, that is a lot of square-footage in the bathroom

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