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Crown Towers at City of Dreams : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Crown Towers Deluxe


Against the far wall, framed by a three panel folding panel is a small mini-bar. An oval shaped stool sits close to the window, flanked by a floor lamp.

Crown Towers Macau Review Minibar

On top of the minibar is a single serving Nescafe coffee machine with three flavors... a dark roast restretto, light roast volluto and a bold decaf. Coffee service comes with cups & saucers and all the fixins. Four bottles of Crown Towers branded water are provided free of charge.

Crown Towers Macau Review Minibar Teaset

Opening the cabinet, to the left is a small fridge filled with alcohol, fruit juice, soft drinks and water.

Crown Towers Macau Review Minibar Contents

Door: Pellegrino lemon and orange flavor, 2 Aqua Panna waters.

Top shelf: Coca Cola (2), Sprite (2), Coca Cola Light (1), Nestea Iced Tea (1) Schweppes Soda Water (1) and Schweppes Tonic Water (1).

Bottom shelf: Tsingtao Beer, Heineken, Penfolds Koonuga Hill Chardonnay and a Veuve Clicquot champagne.

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Multi-ply TP is the easiest way to make a hotel stay better for a guest and yet the first thing to go when a company 'manages costs'. Sad, really.

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