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Crown Towers at City of Dreams : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Crown Towers Deluxe

Crown Towers Macau Review Entry

Upon entry, she showed me many of the room features and asked if I had a specific newspaper preference for delivery the next morning (South China Morning Post or Macau Daily Times, I chose the MDT.) She then handed me her business card and instructing me to call her should I need anything and left. Thirty minutes later, she called the room and asked if everything was to my satisfaction.

Being escorted to your room by a receptionist is a truly delightful experience that bonds the guest to the hotel facilities in a very human way. Many hotels task bellman with helping guests settle in, but having it done by front desk staff makes the experience infinitely more personal, more curated, more luxurious as opposed to an uncomfortable conversation with a delivery guy.

Immediately upon entry to the left is an expansive bathroom, with toilet, tub/shower, and valet room. An Asian inspired barn door slides on a track to provide a touch more privacy as needed. Straight ahead is the bedroom.

Crown Towers Macau Review Bed

To the immediate left is a bed, that featured two decorative pillows, one bolster, and four sleeping pillows. The bed is flanked by two floating night stands, a double stitched leather headboard and lit by a pair of sconces mounted to exquisite match booked stone work. Linens were soft and sleeping was cozy with the airconditioning cranked.

Crown Towers Macau Review Bed Nightstand

The drivers side nightstand (they drive on the left in Macau) featured a Cisco phone, remote controls for the TV and a DVD player, note pad/pen and a small bedside curtain and lighting control. You can see the double stitched detail in the headboard seams under the light.

Crown Towers Macau Review Bed Headboard

Alternate view of the bed. The night stand featured a clock radio with an iDevice charger on top that matches the oval shape of the hotel tower.

The empty book case on the far wall seems a little odd.

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Multi-ply TP is the easiest way to make a hotel stay better for a guest and yet the first thing to go when a company 'manages costs'. Sad, really.

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