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Crown Towers at City of Dreams : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Crown Towers Deluxe

Crown Towers Macau Review Lobby Reception Desk

The floor in the above photo is completely flat.

Throughout Macau, many of the flooring designs incorporate the wave motif taken from the cobblestone work in Macau's Senado Square. The wave designs create an optical illusion that the surface is rippled like a wave or moguls. When executed properly, the resulting disorientation can be truly breathtaking.

Upon arrival at the reception desk a clerk and supervisor collaborated on assisting me, asking the usual questions "How may we address you?", "Is this your first time in Macau?" and being engaged by my answers, laughing or asking follow up questions when appropriate.

Crown Towers Macau Review Lobby Elevator

After all the paperwork was completed (including handing over the claim receipt from left luggage) the receptionist walked around the desk and escorted me to the elevator landing, pressing the call and floor buttons and escorted me to my room.

Crown Towers Macau Review Elevator Landing

The doors opened at the 21st floor, revealing the same exquisitely designed large slab marble walls and spot on institutional typography that stole my heart at Altira way back when.

Crown Towers Macau Review Elevator Landing 21

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