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Crown Towers at City of Dreams : The MacauTripping Review 2016

The Crown Towers Deluxe

Crown Towers City Of Dreams Macau Hotel Review 2016

From the moment it was announced City of Dreams captured my imagination. Owners Melco PBL Entertainment teased that City of Dreams would be the world's first "underwater" casino with water, water everywhere. This idea gave way to a more general - and less expensive - water theme, one that would unify the resort's layout, decor, entertainment offerings ('House of Dancing Water') to the building architecture. Thankfully, City of Dreams' water theme isn't a cheap ass amalgamation of spare sea chantey parts, moldy knotted ropes, rusty harpoons, klanging buoys, rudders, and wheels but an abstract meditation on water.

Long time readers of MacauTripping know full well how the original Crown Macau (renamed Altira after Crown at City of Dreams opened) completely knocked my socks off, raising the bar for service, class and modern elegance to a level I had never before experienced. Along with my room service, the porter brought a toaster (!) and toasted my bread to my liking before leaving. Outrageous.

When the news broke that Crown Resorts was partnering with former Wynn executive Andrew Pascal to build the ālon resort on the Las Vegas Strip - including a Crown branded hotel component - I was ecstatic. Finally, there would be a six star level casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip that would unapologetically focus on customers who truly want to experience intimate exclusivity, unparalleled service and the mother lode of the finer things.

There was absolutely no way that this trip to Macau could not include a stay at Crown Towers at City of Dreams.

As I packed my bags and checked out of my room at Sofitel Ponte 16,the questions grew louder in my head. How would Crown Towers stack up to Altira? How would Crown Towers stack up to Wynn Macau? How would Crown Towers foreshadow the stealth ālon project in Las Vegas?

I arrived at City of Dreams via a shuttle bus from Hotel Sintra on the Macau peninsula. Hotel Sintra is part of Melco Crown's network of five Mocha Clubs, mini-casinos located in smaller, non-resort hotels in Macau. Many of the Mocha Club locations also serve as bus stops for shuttle busses between the peninsula and Melco Crown's City of Dreams and Studio City Macau properties on Cotai. This specific shuttle dropped me off at the south casino entrance on Avenida de Prosperidad.

Luggage in tow, I entered the casino and was greeted by security who blocked my entry through the casino floor's metal detectors and sent me to left luggage room. When faced with a choice, I generally prefer to manage my own way with bags. I DIY everything. Here, I have no choice. Other than going outside and hoofing it around the building in blazing heat & humidity, there is no way to get to Crown's lobby from here that doesn't pass through casino security. Inside of left luggage, an employee (who spoke no English) checked my suitcase and gave me a receipt and pointed me towards the metal detectors.

The City of Dreams casino is bright, expansive and full of energy. Fifty yards into the space, I stopped, did a slow motion 360° assessment of the casino then took a big huge deep breath, internalizing the sounds of screaming gamblers, chattering chips and the kling-klang of electronic gambling machines. Table minimums start at $500HKD for baccarat. I see a few blackjack tables and craps table too. The tables are active but not overflowing and clear casino layout makes traversing the space relatively effortless. Wayfinding is perfect, leading me straight to the door that leads to Crown.

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