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Welcome To Wynn Palace Cotai

Palace Room First Look

Living Room

Wynn Palace Cotai Photo Review

Desk, sheer curtains and chair.

Wynn Palace Cotai Photo Review

Television and entertainment center.

Wynn Palace Cotai Photo Review

Channel guide

Wynn Palace Cotai Photo Review


Wynn Palace Cotai Photo Review

Side view of desk. Amazing detail.

Wynn Palace Cotai Photo Review

View from the desk.

Wynn Palace Cotai Photo Review

Complimentary water... and a note from The Steve.

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Comments & Discussion

Well, the mini-bar has Moutai... It's definitely upscale and Chinese. :)

Although I'm as Polish and German as the day is long, I tend to consume that in large quantities with friends around (long story dating back to when I'm about 12, it actually tastes pretty vile.)

Gorgeous place; love some of the details and furniture. Actually bugging the wife to shelf a triip to Vegas next year for Cotai/Macau, just avoiding Chinese Eastern Airlines thanks to Chuck's glorious two day extension....

Thanks for the amazing review, and making me wanna hop on a 757 for 14 hours!

I adore that the pendant light hanging above each elevator is its call sign. That's stupidly indulgent.

Just what you would expect from Roger Thomas: extraordinary attention to detail and a fair amount of whimsy, all done at the highest quality possible. Nice work, Elginhan! How about a few (surreptitious) photos of the casino, too???

I am a bit upset that the toilet paper roll was not folded, and in fact, ripped. What the hell? Only excuse acceptable would be that someone who checked into that room used it before taking photos.

Not impressed. I mean,yeah,wow..yawn..beautiful room of course,but i'm more interested in public spaces for this one. I hope pictures of casino,lobby and shopping rows will pop up asap online.

Think I might need that duvet cover and for all of my room lights to be flower-clouds from here on out

Thanks so much for these detailed photographs. It's already been said many times with Roger, but once again every little nook and cranny is considered, there are no shortcuts anywhere. Roger the legend!

Love the mirror outside the room doorway idea. It's almost natural that anytime you're visiting a friend or family's home or on a date you adjust your clothing to make sure you look ok and yet I can't think of any other hotel that has come up this idea. That sofa in the hallway reminds me of the original MGM Grand as they had large seating area and sofa too.

For those who don't know, instagram has a lot of unseen photos like the pool cafe...etc. just search the obvious #wynnpalace

I wonder if Wynn rapes you with horrible gambling odds there too....but im sure the parking is free and thats what the bourgeoisie care about, right?

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