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Sofitel Ponte 16 : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inner Harbor And The Superior King

The Sofitel Ponte 16 features a small minibar.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Minibar

Minibar features bottled water (not free) and ice bucket, electric kettle, tea set and all the fixin's to make tea and instant coffee (free).

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Minibar Teaset

I used the kettle, in conjunction with an Aeropress and hand held coffee grinder travel coffee kit. It is always great to enjoy hot fresh joe at a moments notice, without having to hunt down a coffee stand or order from room service.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Minibar Drinks

Most hotels in Macau offer complimentary beverages in their minibars that will be restocked once per day. Guests are free to drink these under stipulation that they leave the cans behind, proving that the drinks were enjoyed in the hotel room... not taken on the go.

Sofitel Ponte 16 stocks their complimentary minibar with two bottles of hotel branded water, a can of Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Tonic Water, Sprite and Coca-Cola Zero.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Minibar Glassware

On the right side of the minibar are three shelves containing glassware, snacks, coasters and a wine corkscrew.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Minibar Corkscrew

Snacks included a can of Blue Diamond Almonds, Snyders of Hanover Jalapeno and Cheddar Cheese flavored pretzel pieces. No sweets.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Minibar Snacks

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I walked past the Sofitel Ponte 16 a week ago. The outside of the hotel was absolutely filthy. I know Chuck only posted one picture of the outside so it is hard to compare, but I don't understand how it could start looking so rundown after only a year.

Chuck is right that it has a good location for exploring the peninsula, particularly the parts further away from the Lisboa/Wynn area. You can kind of see it in the picture on the top of page 8, but there is a cool rundown art deco-ish hotel, the Hotel Grande, directly across the street from the Sofitel.

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