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Sofitel Ponte 16 : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inner Harbor And The Superior King

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Desk

The desk, while frumpy, was perfectly functional, with ample outlets easily accessible. It came fully stocked with notepads, pencils, complimentary stationary and postcards. There were no 220v-110v plug adapters.

We strongly suggest that travelers to Macau who are coming from regions where 110v power is standard (U.S. & Canada) that you purchase a voltage converter. Simple adapters provided by hotels are unreliable and can permanently damage electronic equipment. Having access to multiple plugs and USB charging ports that are safely stepping down voltage for your devices is convenient and essential. Don't risk destroying your camera, phone, laptops, tablets or battery chargers... protect them with a voltage converter.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Tv

A large flat-screen TV is mounted into the wall atop an empty cabinet.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Compphone

Sofitel Ponte 16 provides guests with a usable Android smartphone via handy which guests are free to use. The phone is preloaded with local information, hotel information in local languages, data and phone access. A great perk. I tried to turn it on and test it out but I couldn't understand how to navigate the interface. This is an interesting concept, particularly in a region with such a wide range of governmental rules and telecom options.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Remote Stain

On the shelf next to the phone is a remote control with multi-lingual channel guide. Also note the big brown stain on the wall covering below the TV.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Valet

Next to the TV is a luggage rack and a personal valet stand, with jacket drape, pocket shelf and rungs to drape slacks and ties on.

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Comments & Discussion

I walked past the Sofitel Ponte 16 a week ago. The outside of the hotel was absolutely filthy. I know Chuck only posted one picture of the outside so it is hard to compare, but I don't understand how it could start looking so rundown after only a year.

Chuck is right that it has a good location for exploring the peninsula, particularly the parts further away from the Lisboa/Wynn area. You can kind of see it in the picture on the top of page 8, but there is a cool rundown art deco-ish hotel, the Hotel Grande, directly across the street from the Sofitel.

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