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Sofitel Ponte 16 : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inner Harbor And The Superior King

Immediately to the left is a large bathroom, to the right is a closet and straight ahead is the bedroom. We'll get to the bathroom and closet a little later.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Bed

Inside the bedroom. A bed, chair desk and entertainment center. To the immediate left (the little shelf in the bottom of the photo) is the minibar.

The bed was firm compared to most beds you'll find in Western hotels - a pillow top but not outrageously poofy. Linens were clean and four pillows provided ample comfort. Aided by jet lag and extreme exhaustion, I slept very soundly.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Bed Alt

View from the opposite side. Notice that there is no headboard. The entire wall is "the headboard" Odd.

The decor and excitement in the room is spartan.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Headboard

The wall is covered in a pigskin textured, seamed vinyl.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Nightstand 1

The drivers side night stand features a glass lamp, old school hotel telephone, note pad and pencil atop a mid-century inspired night stand.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Nightstand Pillows

A better look at the lack of headboard. Hrm. It feels like something is missing here. The passenger side night stand features a neat little clock in addition to the lamp and outlet. There are no USB charging docks.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Chair

A chair/ottoman, side table and a lamp fill out the corner.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 View

The view is spectacular... with Starworld, L'Arc, Grand Lisboa and - to the far right - the Macau tower in view.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 View Night

At night, everything twinkled and the streets turned into a Tom Waits song.

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Comments & Discussion

I walked past the Sofitel Ponte 16 a week ago. The outside of the hotel was absolutely filthy. I know Chuck only posted one picture of the outside so it is hard to compare, but I don't understand how it could start looking so rundown after only a year.

Chuck is right that it has a good location for exploring the peninsula, particularly the parts further away from the Lisboa/Wynn area. You can kind of see it in the picture on the top of page 8, but there is a cool rundown art deco-ish hotel, the Hotel Grande, directly across the street from the Sofitel.

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