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Sofitel Ponte 16 : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inner Harbor And The Superior King

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Elevator Buttons

There is no confusion more predictable than the one caused by the chime of an arriving elevator. One "ding" cranes necks and propels humans into scurry. Wha? Where? Which? Heads bobbing and luggage flying in search of the arriving car. Sofitel solves this problem effortlessly - before an elevator arrives, the entire doorway around it lights up then "ding." Great.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Elevator Lights

In fact, Sofitel's entire elevator game is something else. The interior features a dazzling crystal chandelier hanging overhead. Very cool.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Elevator Landing

The elevator landing is modern, clean and well designed. Decor is limited to a combination trash can/ashtray/lamp stand near every door. There is no house phone, seating area or other decor.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Hall Wayfinding

The corner embedded way finding technique made locating the room very very easy.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Hallway

Steps away from the elevator lobby, I arrived at my room.

Sofitel Ponte16 Review 2016 Room 1238

Just like the hallway wayfinding, the room numbers are also embedded into the corner of the room. Let's go in.

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I walked past the Sofitel Ponte 16 a week ago. The outside of the hotel was absolutely filthy. I know Chuck only posted one picture of the outside so it is hard to compare, but I don't understand how it could start looking so rundown after only a year.

Chuck is right that it has a good location for exploring the peninsula, particularly the parts further away from the Lisboa/Wynn area. You can kind of see it in the picture on the top of page 8, but there is a cool rundown art deco-ish hotel, the Hotel Grande, directly across the street from the Sofitel.

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