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Galaxy StarWorld Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

An extensive review of Galaxy StarWorld's Hotel rooms with photos and video walkthrough

Galaxy StarWorld Hotel Macau Photo - Business Center Adjacent to the window on the headboard side ws a very comfortable purple chair/ottoman combo and a coffee table with ashtray and matches at hand. Next to the chair was a business center, a glass desk with phone, directory, postcards & stationary, an extremely thorough guide to the hotels offerings and a concealed cubby hole where power outlets, ethernet and some other cabling was hidden. The power outlets were recessed inside the cubby hole which was quite a drag since the plug for my laptop is oblong and barely fit. My battery recharger wouldn't fit all. In fact, I had to move one of the bedside end tables and the purple chair to get access to a plug with enough clearance to fit the wall warts. I'm all for hiding power outlets and cabling in hotel rooms, but in the age of gadgets and technology, readily accessible and unobstructed power outlets should be in plain sight for guests.

Galaxy StarWorld Hotel Macau Photo - Business CenterA large flat panel tv was mounted on the wall facing the bed. Instead of putting a second tv monitor in the bathroom, StarWorld has mounted a speaker in the ceiling that is connected to the bedroom TV. The bedroom tv is easily visible from the tub through the glass wall.

TV offerings included a whole host of Macau stations in both Portuguese and Chinese, some Hong Kong and Chinese channels, BBC News, Japanese game shows (awesome!), U.S. cable news and a whole bunch of movies on demand. I don't recall if adult features were on the menu, but I would assume so.

Beneath the TV is a matching marble topped dresser with drawers whose design was the inverted colors of the marble top. Nice touch. On the dresser was a handful of magazines and the TV remote control.

Adjacent to the TV was the luggage rack with ample space around it to accommodate my camera tripod and laptop bag.

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Total agreement regarding the lack of accessible outlets. They tend to get left behind, too, adapters, when plugged in out of sight.

Chuck you made me skip Wynn in December 2008 to stay 4 nights at Starworld for less money. THANK YOU. Hope to see your review of City of Dreams next year.

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