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Galaxy StarWorld Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

An extensive review of Galaxy StarWorld's Hotel rooms with photos and video walkthrough

Galaxy StarWorld Hotel Macau Photo - Bathrobe

The rooms at Galaxy StarWorld are incredibly plush, have great use of space and feature the latest amenities one would expect from a world class resort. Upon entry, one is greeted with a very bright and airy feeling despite the lighting being quite low in the room. To the immediate left was a small closet that featured a storage safe, a Galaxy swirly logo embroidered robe and some slippers that didn't fit my big feet. Also in the closet were some hangers that featured stubby ends, perfect for keeping your Botany 500 suit's shoulders in perfect form.

To the left was a breathtaking bathroom area with a full tub, sink/vanity, stand up shower stall and baseless toilet that was mounted on the marble walls. The wall that separates the bathroom and the bedroom area is made of thick glass, a courtesy blinder is accessible via a chain mechanism next to the tub. The glass wall made the room much larger and expansive than it actually is. Normally, one might think "why do I want to be able to see into the bathroom from the living room?" In this case, the design of the bathroom is quite beautiful and I found myself gazing at it like it was a piece of fine art. Accessing the chain privacy curtain did require one to hunch over the tub though, ideally this mechanism should be motorized and have a switch within easy reach of people who either aren't tall or for physical reasons, can't reach it.

Galaxy StarWorld Hotel Macau Photo - Bed

The bed featured a very plush mattress with three throw pillows, a large cylindrical pillow and two soft sleeping pillows. There was no official rack for the 'show' pillows to be placed on when it was time for bed so I just chucked em on the floor. The wall behind the bed featured some great beveled cloth wall work, a real oil painting and some mirrored sideboards over the night stands. The mirrors added to the room dimension but since they were below eye level they rendered space subconsciously and didn't venture into 'mirror near the bed' cheesyness. The two end tables were topped in striped brown marble and featured a digital clock and phone on either side. The ceiling mounted reading lights were accessible by switches on either side of the bed. The mattress itself was quite firm, which is a standard for Asian hotels. Once I got over the initial shock of the firmness I found it to be quite comfortable and slept like a rock.

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Total agreement regarding the lack of accessible outlets. They tend to get left behind, too, adapters, when plugged in out of sight.

Chuck you made me skip Wynn in December 2008 to stay 4 nights at Starworld for less money. THANK YOU. Hope to see your review of City of Dreams next year.

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