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Galaxy StarWorld Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

An extensive review of Galaxy StarWorld's Hotel rooms with photos and video walkthrough

Galaxy StarWorld Hotel Macau PhotoChristopher led me out of the elevator, through the elevator vestibule and into the extremely dark hallway that was lined by small pin sized lights and some square stuff on the walls with mirrored borders. Instantly I was transported inside of a space hotel orbiting the distant planet of Macau.

Last time I checked, Space Mountain was at the Hong Kong Disneyland not the StarWorld Hotel. Freaky. Fun. "Dr. McCoy to sick bay!" I muttered to myself, imitating the whoosh of O.G. Star Trek doors.

We turned right at the corner, and continued to the last room at the end of the hallway. The right side of the hallway is lined with windows overlooking the pool deck and the blue neon presumably inspired by Rocco Yim's fascination with bamboo. The left side had more star lights, mirror bordered squares, some dark wood paneling and doorways. When we reached our destination, Christopher unlocked and swung open the door to room 2938 and courteously invited me inside. (A video walkthrough of this room is available on the last page of this review.)

First Impression: Holy crap.

Galaxy StarWorld Casino Macau - Room 2938I wandered about the room giving it the once over while Christopher put my bags on the luggage rack, turned on lights, and made sure everything in the room was up to snuff. We chit-chatted a little bit and he told me that he had just moved here from the Philippines, it was his third week on the job, you'd think by the way he handled himself so assuredly that he'd been doing this for 20 years. I inquired with him about internet access and he opened a little compartment near the desk where the jack was and produced an ethernet cable from a drawer somewhere. I also asked him if it was possible to locate an adapter so I could recharge my 115v laptop into the 220v wall plug. He said he would take care if it and asked again if there was anything else I needed. I said no, gave him HK$100 and he bounced out of the room excited. I barely had a minute to look around when housekeeping rang the doorbell (yes - a doorbell) delivering the adapter. Awesome. Twenty minutes later, the concierge phoned the room to double check that the adapter was delivered and whether I needed anything else. I've stayed in a lot of hotels in my life, from -2 stars to 5 stars, and I've never had such detail oriented, prompt and courteous service as this.

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Total agreement regarding the lack of accessible outlets. They tend to get left behind, too, adapters, when plugged in out of sight.

Chuck you made me skip Wynn in December 2008 to stay 4 nights at Starworld for less money. THANK YOU. Hope to see your review of City of Dreams next year.

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