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Galaxy StarWorld Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

An extensive review of Galaxy StarWorld's Hotel rooms with photos and video walkthrough

Galaxy StarWorld Casino Macau Photo - Lobby Chandelier

I arrived at StarWorld via their Ferry Terminal shuttle service and was greeted at the door by a young bell hop named Christopher who immediately commandeered my bags and led me towards the check in desk where I was greeted with exuberant smiles by the receptionist. Upon checking my reservation, the receptionist announced that I was, in fact a VIP and that Christopher would escort me to VIP check in. With no gambling history at StarWorld or Macau for that matter, I wondered why I was suddenly VIP status. As I was leaving, the receptionist asked if I was there for the meeting with Morgan Stanley. "Not intentionally, but if there's an open seat in the conference room, I'd love to attend," I replied. It was at this point that I wish I had showered before I left the Holiday Inn in Hong Kong a few hours prior. Oh well.

Christopher led the way through lobby the to VIP check-in where I was seated at a table with two VIP receptionists. They both welcomed me to StarWorld and ran my passport and credit card information. When all was said and done, the woman who was assisting me proudly announced that I was to have a room on the 29th floor with a great view of downtown Macau. Excellent, I thought to myself while still pondering this VIP nonsense. The receptionist handed my room keys to Christopher, who invited me to accompany him up to the room. At the opening of the hotel tower vestibule were two drop dead gorgeous women in loose one piece silky short cut cocktail gown attire, that looked like they were stolen from a fashion runway in Paris. They cooed a flirtatious hello as I walked by. No these weren't bar girls, these are security guards doing the 'no room key, no elevator access' thing. Holy smokes.

Galaxy StarWorld Casino Macau Photo - Elevator

The elevator doors opened and Christopher piled my bags in and hit '29'. On the way he pointed out where different amenities were on different floors and apologized to me that the pool was closed due to some construction on the upper floors. Apparently something had fallen and some materials had gotten into the pool. The 29th floor was the top floor of the deluxe suites, floors 30 and up were luxury stuff reserved for high rollers. Ding... 29.

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Total agreement regarding the lack of accessible outlets. They tend to get left behind, too, adapters, when plugged in out of sight.

Chuck you made me skip Wynn in December 2008 to stay 4 nights at Starworld for less money. THANK YOU. Hope to see your review of City of Dreams next year.

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