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Galaxy StarWorld Hotel & Casino Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2007

An extensive review of Galaxy StarWorld's Hotel rooms with photos and video walkthrough

Galaxy StarWorld is the third integrated casino resort to open in Macau since the Chinese Government abolished Macau's gaming monopoly and opened its doors to foreign gaming companies. The first casino to be opened in Macau by a western company was Sands Macao on May 18, 2005. The second, Wynn Macau, opened on September 6, 2006. Galaxy StarWorld, the third, opened six weeks later on October 19, 2006.

While the opening of the Sands Macao and Wynn Macau were covered widely in the western press, the opening of Galaxy StarWorld, with its adventurous fusion of rectangular shapes, exquisite lighting textures and delicately balanced form opened with barely a mention States-side. Don't let the lack of an effective PR campaign fool you, however, for Galaxy StarWorld is as exquisite, if not more exquisite resort as Sands, Macau or any gaming resort in the world.

Galaxy StarWorld Casino Macau Photo - Architect Rocco Yim

StarWorld's building was designed by Hong Kong-based architect Rocco Yim. Mr. Yim is primarily known in the architecture world for his interest in developing a post-modern Chinese architectural identity, including the use of bamboo to form complex geometric designs. With Galaxy StarWorld, Mr. Yim has created a profoundly beautiful structure that is at once mysterious, exciting, perplexing and inviting. Mr. Yim describes the StarWorld architecture on his website:

The 38-storey development is innovative and original in terms of both the building form and the building envelope design. The building complex is synthesized from interlocking rectangular forms which responds to the surrounding typology of rectangular building blocks. The revolutionary curtain wall system forming the external building envelope produces an illusive visual effect and a building-scale billboard: a swirl pattern is imprinted on the outer skin, overlaying a regular dot matrix spanning over 14 storey volume; mass gaming enclosed within a wavy aluminum skin inside a 4 storey high glass box.

The contrast of fluidity and rectangularity, opaque-ness and transparency, dynamism and stability is a key to the design, which evokes a sense of surrealism and adventure associated with the nature of entertainment. The building design not only relates to the functional use but also intends to create a unique identity amongst the numerous casinos in Macau.

Not only is StarWorld unique, it is uniquely unique amongst casino resort buildings world wide. With a construction as challenging and elegant as StarWorld, one can only hope that the offerings within the walls can fulfill the exterior's promises of adventure.

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Total agreement regarding the lack of accessible outlets. They tend to get left behind, too, adapters, when plugged in out of sight.

Chuck you made me skip Wynn in December 2008 to stay 4 nights at Starworld for less money. THANK YOU. Hope to see your review of City of Dreams next year.

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