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Grand Lisboa : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inside The Lotus Egg

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Barware

Over by the door is a small minibar that featured barware, ice buckets, bottled water, a tea set, electric kettle and pouches of tea and creamer... free of charge.

Many Macau hotels, including Grand Lisboa, offer guests a limited selection of complimentary beverages in their minibar. My apologies for the lousy screen grab from the walkthrough video below, I forgot to take a photo of the minibar contents. You'll see how exhausted I was when you watch the video at the end of the review.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Minibar Cans

Inside of the fridge A small fridge contains drinks - Sprite, Sunkist orange juice, Coca Cola and Coca Cola Light (Diet Coke) and a San Miguel beer (Philippines) - that are complimentary for hotel guests. The hotel will refill these drinks once per day. It is required that guests leave the empty cans in the room, otherwise drinks will be considered taken "to go" and be charged to the hotel folio.

Over by the door, next to the luggage stand is a dual door closet.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Closet 1

The closet lit up automatically when the door opened to reveal an assortment of hangers and an extra pillow.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Closet 3

Red and blue bathrobes emblazoned with the seal of the Grand Lisboa look more like something a heavy weight champion boxer might wear, not a chillaxing Sic Bo addict. I put mine on and jumped around the room singing the Rocky fanfare. I ripped the shit out of the air guitar solo.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Closet 2

Also located in the closet is a shoe horn, shoe polish equipment and an umbrella for guest use as sun shade or protection from the rain. The bellboy told me I could take this home with me if I wished. I didn't.

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The amount of amenities and features this standard room has is outstanding! I wish a hotel in Vegas had that much amenities for a standard room, all free of charge!

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