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Grand Lisboa : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inside The Lotus Egg

Immediately upon entering the room we see a luggage rack to the left, closet and a bathroom. Two steps in, passing a cabinet containing minibar and tea set is the bedroom.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Bed

To the immediate left is a wall mounted television set and bottom lit shelving case, a desk, chair and coffee table and then the bed. The windows and one corner of the room is covered by a sheer curtain. Horizontal blackout shades are blocking out the top 60% of the windows. Both the horizontal shades and the sheer curtains are motorized and can be opened and closed via a massive control panel next to the door and on the side of the bed.

The room's ceiling has soffits on four sides, which are hiding can lights, curtain motors, ventilation and a crawlspace.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Room

Opening the sheer curtain reveals the architectural reason why a corner of the room is unusable. The hotel tower's top heavy lotus shape requires structural steel to be placed at angles from the central core. As a result, some rooms have girders snipping off outside corners of the room. The excitement of the hotel tower barely makes up for the room shape oddity. While it looks and feels weird, this countertop came in handy during my stay - it was used as a chill out spot, camera equipment staging area and technological base camp.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Bed Alt

The bedroom features an array of bright and blingy, high contrast furnishings set against floor to ceiling mirrors. Everything - everything - is amplified to the max... with one exception, the wood panel wall. If the fixture isn't shiny, it is bright, if it isn't bright it is colorful, if it isn't colorful, it is full patterns, if it isn't colorful it is boldly shaped. Everything.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Pillows

The gold headboard has a subtle interlocking pattern that echoes the exterior of the hotel. Two pairs of silk decorative pillows are made of eye popping red and green material, with the lager pillow displaying very Wynn style butterfly design. The mattress - and all of the mattresses I slept on during this 8 hotel tour of Macau's resorts - was soft and pillowy, a big change from the firm mattresses I experienced here in late 2007. The bed, pillows and linens were exceptional and incredibly comfortable.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Controlpanel

The drivers side night stand (we're in Macau yo!) featured a super shiny lamp, leather covered tissue box a small digital clock and a light switch control panel that requires a degree in Spockology to operate. There were tons of buttons labeled with symbols to make things easy. Night time? Press this button. Morning? Press this button. Bed time? Press this button.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Lightswitch

Another odd piece of usability was that the curtain switch was located in a barely accessible corner of the room, blocked by a table, chair and lamp. There very well may have been another switch to operate the curtains but I couldn't find one.

Those lamps are outrageous.

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The amount of amenities and features this standard room has is outstanding! I wish a hotel in Vegas had that much amenities for a standard room, all free of charge!

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