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Grand Lisboa : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inside The Lotus Egg

The bellboy led me to the elevator, pressed the buttons and gave me a broad stroke introduction to Grand Lisboa's many features - making specific mention that I should take advantage of their pool. He continued to mention the all night cafe, spa and other restaurants as we boarded the elevator and headed up to my room.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Elevator

We arrived on the 27th floor. The doors opened to reveal elevator landings are high-gloss and designed to the nines with translucent glass photographs back lit from the ceiling and a truly outrageous tile dragon battle embedded in the terrazzo flooring.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Elevator Dragon Floor

Drama! Excitement! If I wasn't on the tail end of a 30 hour trans-continental, multi-airport, sleep-deprived bender... I'd be raring to ride this dragon into a bloodthirsty baccarat battle.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Elevator Landings

We headed down the hallway to the room as the sounds of domesticated jazz rock were piped into the hallway. I don't think I can ever recall staying in a casino hotel that had music piped into their hotel corridors. You could hear faint echoes of the music from inside the room with the doors closed.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Hallway

We arrived at room 2770, the bellboy took my keys and opened the door. He placed one of my two keys into a slot in the wall, which "turns on" the electricity in the room.

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Enough business... are you ready for Grand Lisboa #2077?

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The amount of amenities and features this standard room has is outstanding! I wish a hotel in Vegas had that much amenities for a standard room, all free of charge!

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