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Grand Lisboa : The MacauTripping Review 2016

Inside The Lotus Egg

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Review

For forty years, casino magnate Dr. Stanley Ho and his company Sociedade de Jugos Macau(SJM) held a monopoly over casino gambling in Macau. His flagship property - Hotel Lisboa (Read: Hotel Lisboa : The MacauTripping Review 2007) - is one of Macau's iconic hotels, a symbol of the pre-concession era, wherein an old labyrinthine property bedecked in the 1970's best design finishes was good enough to be the neighborhood boss, long past its sell by date.

With the breaking of SJM's monopoly providing beach head for the American casino invasion, Hotel Lisboa quickly found itself surrounded by competitors building bigger, better, and brighter resorts. SJM responded in kind, by constructing a massive new resort and casino right next to the venerable Hotel Lisboa.

They named it Grand Lisboa.

Grand Lisboa's 47-story, lotus flower shaped, golden glazed, US$350m (~$2.3B HKD) hotel tower stands head and shoulders above everything else on Macau's peninsula. It can be seen from nearly all points in Macau, from the north border gate, to the inner harbor, Guia Hill, Taipa and Cotai... even as far as the A-Ma statue in Coloane. At the top of the tower is "The Dome" an egg shaped, glass dome wrapped in LED lights which contains a restaurant by legendary chef Joel Robuchon.

At the base of Grand Lisboa's massive hotel tower is an egg shaped structure which contains seven floors of casino gambling, dining and resort amenities. The outside of the Grand Lisboa's egg functions as a massive LED screen, trumpeting the fun that can be had inside. Together, Grand Lisboa's egg and lotus tower create one of the most breathtaking and dynamic light shows ever attached to the outside of a building.

There truly is nothing like the Grand Lisboa.

Grand Lisboa Review 2016 Hotel Lisboa

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The amount of amenities and features this standard room has is outstanding! I wish a hotel in Vegas had that much amenities for a standard room, all free of charge!

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