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Hard Rock Macau at City of Dreams Photo Review

Call Us When You Finish Decorating The Room

Hard Rock Macau Minibar

What is that... a book case? With nothing on the shelves? And the brand new light fixture falling out? Looks to me like they ran out of money when it came time to decorate this room.... it's desolation is ugly.

Oh and the minibar? There's nothing in there but two free bottles of water. Another let down.

Hard Rock Macau Closet

To the left is record album spine artwork, hung at the incorrect angle. Anyone who knows anything knows that records are NEVER to be stacked on top of each other sky high, but instead stood on end against each other. Lame.

To the right is the closet of desolation, with four sparse hangars, a safe, some dry cleaning bags and a pair of slipper thrown on the floor. Abominable.

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Comments & Discussion

These photos all look just vaguely depressing. Maybe because of the framing of the writing, but still.

WOW! I have to say, I am REALLY unimpressed. They really need help. Roger Thomas, you're services are needed.... :)

Dramman' loves to smoke cigars... Original Cubans? ;-) Macau has really good places to smoke cigars, not only in the room.

My silence as more to do with a change in station. I am stuck in Cleveland now for three years for law school...sigh.

I will say that the place was a bit better than described by Chuck, however I am got in a bind as the room ended up comped. So I do not want to say anything too negitive or positive.

The whole COD complex at times was astounding, and at times a bit ho-hum. It did seemed hurried, and parts remain unfinished. I do not know what Chuck did with the other photos. Chuck?

MisterM> Of course they are Cubans! I am a bit insulted you have to ask. Best place to smoke cigars in Macau IMHO is any craps table. Other than that the center bar at the MGM Grand. Also if your staying there, the pool at the Ponte 16. Chuck I know has a hard-on for the roof top bar at the Crown/Altria (I found the clientel insipid, but with a friend I could change my mind).

The shops over there all pretty much have the same prices, they are all operated by Pacific Cigar in one way or another (the exclusive Habanos franchisee for East Asia). I recommed the Sheraton Hotel in HK before you go, small shop stocked to the gills and some odd, wonderful things rolling around the humididor. Macau side, the shop at the Wynn is pretty good.

One last note, HK has banned smoking in most public bulidings and businesses. Macau hasn't.

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