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Photo Feature: City Of Dreams Opening Day

First Photos from Cotai's Newest Casino

City of Dreams opened just hours ago, and we've already gotten a great patch of photos courtesy of MacauTripping roving photographer Ace Macau. In the interest of satisfying the curiosity of Macau geeks everywhere, we're going to skip the analysis until a later date. For now just the pics. Enjoy!

Of course, we can't even begin to thank Ace Macau enough for sharing these with us. Thank you ACE!

Cityofdreams Marquee

The marquee at City of Dreams

Cityofdreams Signage

Smaller signage by the north traffic circle.

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Comments & Discussion

Holy Crap is right! While I don't lean towards that type of contemporary design, i will say, this place looks amazing! Beautiful pics, some day, I hope to see it in person. But until that happens, this will have to do. Was it open to the public when these were taken? Cause wow, its a ghost town in there if so.

Yes, it had just opened. I think the fanfare happened later, if at all.

There will be more reports coming today, I think.

Good pictures. A shot inside the casino would be the best indication of whether it is a ghost town (photography not permitted, I know). When I was in Macau, the place seemed pretty empty except in the casinos themselves.

Moat not mote, BTW.

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