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Venetian Macao : The MacauTripping Review 2008

Welcome to Venice... in China.

Venetian Macao Review : Dining

Dining Area

I found the petit dining table to be much more comfortable place to do photo editing, posting and first impression blogging during my stay. One would think that the desk/business center in the suite would be a more apropos place for such hackery, but it wasn't, as you'll see.

Venetian Macao Review : Desk

The Desk

I've been continually baffled by the prominent display of computer peripherals in hotel rooms. I understand that some business travelers require such devices, but honestly, how often do people print documents? Moreover, get a strange printer to magically 'work' without having all the necessary drivers installed can be a feat unto itself, particularly if you're using an ancient OS. Given that the Venetian is a 'convention hotel' the need for printers inside hotel rooms is probably more than say, THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. Monopolizing 25% of desktop space with a printer that will be used by 5% of guests doesn't make much sense. I felt cramped as all hell trying to work at this desk, hence, I moved to the petit dining table. Mount the printer on a stand below the desk but give easy access to a USB printer outlet on the ethernet gateway. Done and done.

Internet access, including wireless, was provided free of cost, as it is at all of the hotels I stayed at except Wynn Macau.

The desk also featured a guide to the Venetian Macao, writing tab (with a pencil - eww) cordless phone, ethernet cables and not nearly enough power outlets. The two outlets were both occupied, one for the lamp, one for the printer. Which means if you need to plug your computer in AND print, you're going to print in the dark. For all thought given to luring convention business, one might think that the design and layout of electronica would have been more thoroughly considered.

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Macau is Crapless. Maybe nobody in Macau expects valet. Oh well.

Impressions from a visit in March 2012:

With busload after busload of mostly elderly (slow but very loud!) gamblers constantly flooding into the Venetian's halls and gaming floor, i just found it too overcrowded. Hard to imagine given we're talking a 800 gaming tables! Can't comment on hotel service as didn't stay there...was over the road at the Galaxy which was serene by comparison and service (check-in, concierge and lobby girls) were impressive.

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