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Venetian Macao : The MacauTripping Review 2008

Welcome to Venice... in China.

Venetian Macao Review : Bathrobe

Skeletons In The Closet

The closet contains a number of the usual suspects - bathrobe, slippers, shoehorn, valet brush, ironing board, laundry bag, three types of his and hers hangers and some extra pillows. Hiding bathrobes in the closet isn't an example of guest centric organization, they should be hung in the bathroom where they are needed. Additionally, tossing the slippers and laundry service bag on the floor of the closet is not only unsightly, it's another example of lazy design. Guests don't want to crawl around on the floor fishing out slippers, or anything for that matter. Put the slippers in a wall mounted sleeve and hang the laundry bag and instructions using the clips on the hangars like nearly every other hotel in the world.

It's the little things like this that illustrate the difference between a real luxury hotel and everyone else. The Venetian is everyone else. Possibly the best of everyone else, but I'd be hard pressed to consider the property a luxury or five star hotel.

Herein is the Venetian Fallacy in a nutshell. It goes like this: tell guests (workaday conventioneers) who've never experienced true luxury that they're in a luxury hotel, charge luxury prices on corporate expense accounts, get away with it. Until folks like us start asking questions, that is.

The uncontested Venetian Fallacy is a prime reason why their for non-gaming revenue continually outstrips casino win year after year. While this is fantastic marketing, it amounts to minor trickery on unsuspecting business travelers. Congratulations, now you know what the real deal is at the Venetian.

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Macau is Crapless. Maybe nobody in Macau expects valet. Oh well.

Impressions from a visit in March 2012:

With busload after busload of mostly elderly (slow but very loud!) gamblers constantly flooding into the Venetian's halls and gaming floor, i just found it too overcrowded. Hard to imagine given we're talking a 800 gaming tables! Can't comment on hotel service as didn't stay there...was over the road at the Galaxy which was serene by comparison and service (check-in, concierge and lobby girls) were impressive.

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