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Venetian Macao : The MacauTripping Review 2008

Welcome to Venice... in China.

The Dead Zone

Venetian Macao Review : Dead Area

Most hotel rooms have an energy draining dead zone. The Venetian Macao's primary one is a rather large, poorly camouflaged air conditioning duct. Sometimes accommodating the needs of the physical plant are an insurmountable obstacle.

One might think that the designers of the hotel would've ran their room designs past a feng-shui practitioner who would weed out the various areas where energy stops or gets sucked into the void. Since the Venetian Macao's designs were essentially 'set in stone' based on the Las Vegas property, it's doubtful that a balance of feng-shui and structural engineering was even attempted.

Who knows, maybe they did, but it sure doesn't feel like it. The Venetian Macao features not one, not two, but three dead zones all of which are in the exact same location as their Vegas counterparts.

The main dead zone is the area between the bed and the air conditioning vent. There is a large floor space between the bed and the railing which would be a prime location for a small stand where the bed's throw pillows should go, instead of throwing them on the floor. Call me crazy, but experience has taught me that pillows should never be thrown on the floor for the same reasons you should you never wear your shoes while lying in bed.

The other dead zones are the closet (which usually is related to energy trapping) and the corner between the table and the TV/minibar cabinet where a floor lamp with an exposed outlet and dangling cord floats around.

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Macau is Crapless. Maybe nobody in Macau expects valet. Oh well.

Impressions from a visit in March 2012:

With busload after busload of mostly elderly (slow but very loud!) gamblers constantly flooding into the Venetian's halls and gaming floor, i just found it too overcrowded. Hard to imagine given we're talking a 800 gaming tables! Can't comment on hotel service as didn't stay there...was over the road at the Galaxy which was serene by comparison and service (check-in, concierge and lobby girls) were impressive.

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