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Venetian Macao : The MacauTripping Review 2008

Welcome to Venice... in China.

Venetian Macao Review : Hall

Obligatory Long Hallway Vertigo Photo

You gotta love the smell of a brand new hotel. Fresh paint, brand new carpeting, wallpaper glue... MMMM. One nice touch to the Venetian Macao's hotel corridors are the Lion head wood carvings on the archways in the hallway.

Venetian Macao Review : Door

Welcome to Room 27106 at Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao Review : EntryAfter a short jog down the extremely long hallway I arrived at room 27106, inserted my key and swung open the door.

Immediately upon entry is a small ledge to place gadgets, keys, casino chips or other items-in-hand. With the number of personal gizmos each human carries reaching record levels, I'll bet that this entry ledge/gadget dock will become more and more prevalent in hotels globally. If only there was an electrical outlet nearby...

The mirror by the doorway is also a nice touch, it gives guests a final chance to make adjustments before hitting the baccarat tables.

Before we get too far into the review, I should mention that our trademark Video Walkthrough of the room is on the last page. It should do a pretty good job tying up all of the loose ends and giving you a better idea about how the room is laid out.

Immediately to the right of the entrance is a spacious bathroom featuring a glass enclosed shower, sunken tub, vanity table, private toilet, and dual sink washing area. About five paces forward, the room opens out into standard split level Venetian suite with a bed area to the right facing a TV armoire. Down the steps is a sunken living room which features a number of chairs, a sofa, a second TV, business center, minibar and a small dining table.

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Macau is Crapless. Maybe nobody in Macau expects valet. Oh well.

Impressions from a visit in March 2012:

With busload after busload of mostly elderly (slow but very loud!) gamblers constantly flooding into the Venetian's halls and gaming floor, i just found it too overcrowded. Hard to imagine given we're talking a 800 gaming tables! Can't comment on hotel service as didn't stay there...was over the road at the Galaxy which was serene by comparison and service (check-in, concierge and lobby girls) were impressive.

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