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Venetian Macao : The MacauTripping Review 2008

Welcome to Venice... in China.

Venetian Macao Review : Bath

The Tub

I didn't get a chance to take the tub at Venetian Macao for a test drive. It looks great and the fixtures appear to be of top quality. There are no jacuzzi jets or waterfall spouts. One minor complaint is the location of the towels and lack of a head rest, both of which could be solved by putting a third bundled up towel at the base of the tub underneath the existing towel rack. If you're under 5 1/2 feet tall, reaching those towels would require climbing up on the wet marble ledge to reach them, a potentially dangerous proposition.

Venetian Macao Review : Shower

The Shower

The shower also had no special bells or whistles. I missed many of the features I've grown to love during the trip - most notably, the waterfall shower head, body sprays and the small sitting area that Wynn Macau has. Sometimes, a bajillion shower features can trend towards overkill, but throwing a few of them into the mix here would add a little spiff to their spartan offerings.

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Macau is Crapless. Maybe nobody in Macau expects valet. Oh well.

Impressions from a visit in March 2012:

With busload after busload of mostly elderly (slow but very loud!) gamblers constantly flooding into the Venetian's halls and gaming floor, i just found it too overcrowded. Hard to imagine given we're talking a 800 gaming tables! Can't comment on hotel service as didn't stay there...was over the road at the Galaxy which was serene by comparison and service (check-in, concierge and lobby girls) were impressive.

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