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Crown Macau : The MacauTripping Review 2008

The Crown of Macau (Part 3) : Photo and Video Review of the Suites at Crown Macau

Crown Macau Taipa Review -  Panorama

The Living/Desk Area

After a quick walk through with Violet, Crown Macau's smartly designed, retro-modern (minus the tackyness), comfortable and detailed room has left me speechless. The degree of design detail to lighting, texture, shapes, usability and color as well as highest quality craftsmanship is truly astounding.

Whereas most rooms designers would drag and drop bits of furniture into a rectangle, hoping to create ambience by proximity, color and decor, the room at Crown appears to have been designed as a total experience. The far left wall unit, desk and couch are a one piece construction, designed and built specifically for this application's needs and requirements. Crown Macau's 360 understanding of space, flow and usability - as demonstrated in the earlier installments of our review - is a true achievement in hotel design and it consistent in every part of the room, as you will see.

Crown Macau Taipa Review -  Textures


The room at Crown Macau had a bunch of neat usages of texture and materials that I was quite shocked to see. All lighting (top left panel) in the room is either pin-pointed directional halogen lights or recessed reflective lighting. The overall effect is one of sharp clarity for areas where detailed visibility is required and soft ambience elsewhere. The bed featured a cashmere throw at the foot of the bed. Where most hotels will either skip this altogether or use a heavy rayon or suede(ish) throw to protect comforters from dirty shoes, Crown does the exact opposite... they provide a soft, fuzzy cashmere throw that you'd be stupid to put your shoes on. Perhaps most shockingly, the living room area featured hardwood floors, practically unheard of in hotel design. A definite risk, but it is pulled off in spades.

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Comments & Discussion

I have a hard time digesting the idea that there is no turn-down service.

Even the Hard Rock (istan) in Vegas has turn down service, and we know what a crap hole that place is.

It is the strength of word of mouth saying "this place hip, fun and sexy" - sorry they are never going to say that about Crown. You seem to be blinded by the 6 stars. It is honestly one of if not the most boring casino in Macau. The place is getting emptier each time I go there.
The hotel may be beautiful but thats not what Asians want. All they want is a cup of tea and when they are tired a quick sleep at the side of the table. You will notice most high roller rooms have massage chairs for them to sleep and their rooms are just somewhere to put their bags.

@alby22 - you're correct in a lot of your critiques of crown macau. the casino was -desolate- when i was there, and, yes it would take more than just word of mouth to change the image of the place... it would take adding a fun factor to the joint (which it doesn't have). perhaps i should've framed the conclusion differently. if crown is to compete in the 'new' macau, the one which is hoping to be an entertainment destination in addition to a gamblin' joint, then crown needs to get their entertainment, fun, sex, good times thing together. baccarat is baccarat, there is little difference whether or not they play it at casino jai alai or grand lisboa.

I had the luxury of spending 16 hours exploring Macau with several friends back in October, shortly after the Venetian opening. Not knowing much about the Macau scene, but being avid AC and Vegas gamblers, we spend most of our time walking around Cotai and Macau in and out of casinos and soaking in the area.

Crown was our first stop. While we did not stay overnight in Macau/Crown and thus cannot speak on the rooms or service, we all agreed that while not as flashy and tacky as some of the other casinos (see: Venetian), it was very classy, open, and clean. We visited over a dozen casinos over those 16 hours and of them, Crown was our surprise favorite (Wynn being a close 2nd).

Thanks for the review Chuck, it helps to fill in the gaps of the rest of the Crown outside of the Casino floors and restaurants we visited.

Alby, you seem to contradict yourself in your comment. You say that the Crown is the most boring casino in Macau, and then follow that up with a cmoment that all the Chinese want is a "cup of tea" and a place to sleep when they gamble. Which is it?

In my opinion, Crown does "boring" in an extremely classy way and a nice alternative to the Vegas-inspired Macau casinos. The VIP market, which Crown is aiming at isn't always looking for loud, obnoxious, and hip.

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