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The Crown of Macau (Part 2) : When Six Is Nine

Will Crown's 6 Stars Translate To A Winning Hand of 9

Down and Out

Believe it or not, the breeze on the Aurora/Kira patios made it a little chilly so I headed back inside, into the elevator en route to the ground floor entry to the casino.

Crown Towers Macau Review Porte Cochere

Porte Cochere

This is the porte cochere at Crown Macau. The doorway to the left (right photo) leads to the casino vestibule. The entrance to the resort elevator/bell desk is behind the pillar. The tan wall in the center has water that drizzles down on both the indoor and outdoor sides of the wall (left photo).

Unlike most of the casinos in Macau, the security guards didn't rifle through my camera bag, they didn't even request to look at it. They just smiled and waved me through the metal detectors. After being practically interrogated at every SJM casino (the worst were Casino Lisboa and Grand Lisboa) about my camera bag, having it be a non-issue was quite a relief.

Crown Towers Macau Review Signage

Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs

When planning my trip, I was curious what language the signage would be in. Some properties use simplified Chinese, some use traditional Chinese (Venetian). Thankfully, nearly every property had signs in English. I don't recall seeing any resort signage in Portuguese. Crown Macau, to their credit, take the international airport terminal approach to signage and use iconography as much as possible.

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