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The Crown of Macau (Part 2) : When Six Is Nine

Will Crown's 6 Stars Translate To A Winning Hand of 9

Crown Towers Macau Review  Pooldeck

The Pool at Crown Macau

One of the most striking features of The Spa is the indoor infinity pool. The pool is surrounded by ten or so unbelievably plush chaise lounges featuring four different shaped pillows which, past the pool, have a stunning view of the Macau peninsula. In the photo above, behind the pool chairs is the exercise room which had an astonishing array of stair masters, treadmills, stationary bikes and other equipment. To the right of the pool, through the window, is the Greek Mythology Casino which has a bank of excellent video poker machines if you are so inclined.

Crown Towers Macau Review  Poolchairs


The pool itself is immaculate, and there is no scent of 'pool chemistry' in the room whatsoever. Here's a little known fact about indoor pools that was shared with us by the operator of a high class health club : if you can smell what most people believe is 'chlorine' in the room, the pool is dirty. In fact, the smell is chloramines, a compound made when urine, shampoo, suntan lotion etc isn't completely oxidized by the pool sanitizing chemicals. So the next time you smell that indoor pool smell, keep in mind that the density of the odor is directly related to how dirty the pool is, NOT an over abundance of pool cleaning chemicals like chlorine.

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