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The Crown of Macau (Part 2) : When Six Is Nine

Will Crown's 6 Stars Translate To A Winning Hand of 9

The Crown of Macau - Part 2

From what I've seen so far, I can barely contain my excitement to explore the rest of the city block which Crown Macau occupies. Armed with my Crown Macau Location Guide, I hopped on the elevator and decided to work my way down the hotel tower, level by level, ultimately ending up in the casino. In retrospect, I wish I had booked two nights at Crown so I could've explored the property a bit more leisurely, visited the restaurants and spent more time taking photographs. Due to the hurried pace some of the photos, particularly those in low light, are a little blurry and grainy. My apologies.

Crown Towers Macau Review  Spa

The Spa at Crown

My first stop on my downward tour of Crown Macau was the Spa, which is located on levels 15 & 16. The Spa at Crown features a swimming pool, full exercise room with personal trainers, complimentary juice bar and a whole host of spa packages available. When I entered, there were two patrons sitting in the waiting room. I asked the desk assistant if I could explore The Spa and take some photos. Not only did she say yes, but she led me on a full tour of the Spa discussing all of their offerings and pointing out good camera angles. This is the 'six star experience.'

Normally, I'd probably just skip The Spa altogether, but over the last few years I've developed an interest in them, mostly because my wife visits the resort spa every time we stay at a hotel. She gets facials, massages, saunas, hot rocks placed on her body, voodoo dances performed by local shaman, aromatherapy seances, tarot card readings... or whatever it is they do in the deep dark, yet recently hydrated bowels of a Spa. The quality of a spa - vibe, offerings, customer service, professionalism and cleanliness - has a direct relationship to her mood when she returns from the treatment. Spa visits are an extreme luxury. Patronizing facilities with substandard offerings, customer service and hygene isn't very far removed from being served a gravy covered sneaker at a high priced steakhouse after waiting an hour for a filet mignon. If she has a lousy visit to a sub-standard spa, I can bank on the next six or so hours being filled with numerous retellings of what made the spa so bad. Judging from my walkthrough of The Spa at Crown Macau, it looks like a top notch facility with excellent amenities and fantastic customer service.

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